Prov: Ancona

Region: Marche

Postal Code 66100 Ancona

Area Phone Code 071

Population 105,720

Alt. 0,2 mts. above sea level (a.s.l.)

The nearest national airport is: Ancona/Falconara 15 Km from the city centre.

Distance in Km from: Milano 426 - Roma 320 - Firenze 263 - Perugia 166 - Ravenna 161 - Pescara 156


A natural port on the Adriatic, in the form of an amphitheatre crowned by the Guasco, Cardelo and Astagno hills, Ancona stands on the Conero, a headland of white rock jutting out from the coast. Surrounded by typically Mediterranean vegetation, this town is the capital of the Marche region.


Ancona is a city where history has left many noteworthy monuments, the superb Roman Arch of Trajan at the harbour and the mediaeval Churches of S. Ciriaco and S. Maria della Piazza. The Palaces “Ferretti degli Anziani” (National Museum of the Marche), Bosdari and Loggia dei Mercanti (1451-59) date from the time Ancona was a Maritime Republic.


When Pope Clement XII made the city a free port (1732), a great many secular and religious buildings were added: Vanvitelli’s Arch, the Churches of S. Domenico, S. Francesco delle Scale and Gesù, the Dei Cavalli fountain, and the Baroque Porta Pia gate.


The city’s most beautiful monument is the Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral of S. Ciriaco (11th-13th century) overlooking the sea, with its richly decorated Byzantine features. Ancona is one of the most important ports of the Adriatic Sea.






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