Florence the Divine harbors within its boundaries every form of beauty. Lying amidst Tuscany's rolling hills divided by the Arno River, it is almost at Italy's exact geographic centre.

Florence, known for centuries as the cradle of the Renaissance, made unparalleled contributions to fine arts and culture in every field and is still celebrated all over the world for the treasures of inestimable value housed in its historic palaces.

Florence is a unique city of charm and good taste, centre of remarkable craftsmanship: a pure source of inspiration, patronized more than ever by art lovers and tourists in search of enjoyment, beauty and a lovely environment. Although the appalling floods of November 1966 did a great deal of damage to many monuments and works of art, they have not greatly reduced the artistic heritage of the town. The restoration work that began immediately after the disaster was undertaken with a care and perseverance that have been an example to the world.


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