The Eternal City was built on 7 hills in the middle of an undulating plain. The honey-colored city of fountains, the marble city created by Augustus was - according to legend  founded by Romulus in 753 B. C. Resting on the Tiber River, just 25 km. from the 5rrhenian Sea Rome is certainly the most described, illustrated and praised city in the world and saying anything more about it or attempting to summarize its fascination is no easy task.

Rome has been the capital of the Italian Republic since 1870 and is the seat of the Papacy. Rome has the appearance of a large modern metropolis, incomparably beautiful for the magnificent position, luminous sky and innumerable monuments that give her a grandiose architectural character. The cradle of Western civilization and the heart of Catholicism, Rome is called the Eternal City and is today the centre of Italian political, administrative and cultural life. The most characteristic points of interest are Piazza del Campidoglio, the Via dei Fori Imperiali, St. Peter's Square, the Pincio, the Villa Borghese, the Janiculum Hill and the Appian Way. The immense artistic patrimony of Rome can be divided into several categories in order to facilitate a visit.


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