La Serenissima (the most serene) is an enchanting city between sea and sky made up of 118 islands, 180 canals and connected by 400 bridges set In a crescent-shaped lagoon unique in the world for its topographical features.


This astonishingly wonderful, one-time powerful lagoon city which was once called the Queen of the Adriatic, must be visited for its magnificent jewels of Oriental architecture, incredible number of churches and historic palaces harmoniously displayed in a dream-Like fantasy of marble.


Often called a living museum of the past, Venice brings out the romantic side in all who have known her.


Today the exceptional position of Venice constitutes a threat to its existence. The nature of the terrain on which it is built induces a slow sinking, while the level of the surrounding waters is constantly rising.

Various measures have already been taken and a plan to safeguard and preserve the city is under investigation.


Venice is a special delight to visitors: no other city offers the extraordinary thrill of getting around by gondola. Of course one can go on foot, because here is a labyrinth of small streets with hump-backed bridges spanning the 180-odd canals. This is a paradise for shoppers (leather goods, glassware and lace, to mention a few special items) and camera enthusiasts alike.


The best seasons are spring and autumn. The Venice "season" is in summer, with film festivals on the Lido, the Royal Historical Regatta on the Grand Canal, etc.


Every second year (even years) from June to October, the Arts Biennale brings together the works of the world's leading artists in the Giardini Pavilion.