Italian cuisine is famous all over the world and is universally considered one of the healthiest, yet it is simple, pleasing and certainly one of the most liked.

Geographically, Italy has a very good position in Europe and the good climate makes you natural products like olives for oil, grapes for wine, wheat for pasta and bread vegetables, fish and white meat like veal, rabbit and poultry the best and the most famous of the Mediterranean cuisine that is our pride.

Italian cuisine is famous all over the world and it is possible to taste it in good restaurants of international renown throughout Italy, as well as in an infinite number of "trattorie" and "rosticcerie" where excellent meals are offered at moderate prices. Many "pizzeria" are usually open later than other eating establishments.

There are also places in the cities and especially in the surroundings that are very simple restaurants with 'home cooking'; this means that the owner of the restaurant is also the cook. These are places where you can taste the traditional local cuisine very inexpensively.

Each city in Italy has a popular local dish, so it could be easy if traveling to Naples to taste the famous "pizza" (born in the Neapolitan area), to Florence the famous "Fiorentina", a thick steak generally grilled but not cooked too much, to Siena the famous "pici", pasta made only with water and flour, to Rome pastas "arrabbiata" with spicy sauce and "carbonara", with eggs, bacon and pepper, to Milan for the risotto with saffron, and in the north in winter months you can taste the famous "polenta" (boiled corn meal), to Sardinia the famous "porchetto" young roasted pork, to in Apulia, the famous "orecchiette alle cime di rape", fresh pasta made of flour and water and shaped into a curl seasoned with turnip-greens, and many, many others all over Italy.

All these dishes are surely accompanied by our good und famous wines and due to the wide choice we have we can say that each dish has its own red or white wine.


For all the above reasons in our tours we always reserve for you the best possible restaurants with the most varied and typical menus in order to allow you to enjoy your visit to Italy in the best possible way. We take into deep consideration the choice of menus and in the following pages we will present to you a selection of menus in various restaurants and within various price ranges in order to allow your budget and prepare your itinerary in the best possible way.