Railways: Although all common trains are satisfactory, it is preferable to use "Intercity" fast trains or luxury super fast non-stop "Eurostar" trains, for which advance booking is compulsory. Tickets may be purchased at the railway station or at a travel agency and must be validated by machine before boarding.

Public city transport, be it by bus, tram or subway is fairly reasonable. Tickets should be purchased in advance at tobacco shops, coffee bars or news stands, since no tickets are issued aboard, and punched by the machine after boarding.

Taxis: Taxi service is readily available throughout the country and rates are comparable to those charged in average U.S. cities. They are available in all towns and tourist resorts.

Generally they wait in special taxi stands located at railway stations, airports and the main parts of the city but can always be called by telephone. Meters are provided and fares are displayed.

Fares vary considerably from place to place, and we give here only general indications:

  Fixed starting charge: 3,50

  Cost per kilometer: 1,00



Night service supplement between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.: 3,00

Sunday and public holiday supplement: 2,00

Luggage: 1,00 - 1,50 per item.

Taxi trips outside the town area (e.g. to airports, etc.) charge a supplement of about 11,00 - 13,00.