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being established in Rome has giving services since 2002 with her long term gained experience on sectors like education, tourism, culture, trade fairs, promotion and trade between Turkey and Italy creating relationship between public and private institutions of Turkey and Italy, letting Turkish and Italian operators meet each other and find their business partners, in addition, organising language education for students, teachers etc. meet each other and find their partners, in addition organise programs to realise their projects from the beginning until the final step with high quality services like proposal and advices for the accommodation, meeting the beneficiaries at the airport and transferring to their allotments informing all necessary information to let them to learn the city/town to move also by themselves, helping them how and where/what to eat during their stay, providing necessary services to let them to communicate with the others in their language, organising cultural/tourist activities and staying ready to answer all their questions until their departure time.


Mobility Projects


- To promote the placements for students, trainees and apprentices in the initial vocational training.

- To improve the life-long learning matter, to be ready for the future occupations and to promote the adaptation on the technological changes



Pilot Projects


To promote the innovation, European dimension, transferability, quality with analysisng and solving problems of the vocational training systems



Pilot Projects


To promote the adaptation on the improving conditions and the professional innovations in the context of life-long lear



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